Boca Raton sunrise 6

I received my first camera, a Kodak Instamatic which took cube light bulbs, for Christmas 1965 when I was 12. I remember mailing off the exposed film and anxiously awaiting its return to see what the photos looked like. Each photo was, for me, both expensive and precious. My mom was always taking photos of the family. It wasn't until my 3rd year in college that I was able to get a SLR camera, a Canon Tlb. During the summer I took an introductory photography class that included film developing and darkroom work. I always enjoyed black and white photography and the control the darkroom gave you to make the most of the photo. Over the years, I would from time to time go through the trouble to set up a temporary darkroom in our bathroom and bedroom. When my wife and I bought a house, I intended to build a darkroom in the unfinished basement but never found the time to do so being preoccupied with life, a banking career and a family to raise.

After 4 daughters and 6 grandchildren, I'm grateful that technology now allows us to have a darkroom at our fingertips anywhere we have a computer.

Other than the one photography class, my learning has been from studying art, looking at great photographs, reading any photography book I could get, through trial and error, talking to other knowledgeable photographers (like my brother, Tom,  I'm learning all the time; however, I need your help to improve. If you would take the time to provide constructive criticism, comments and feedback, I would really appreciate it.

I love to capture the beauty, order and variety in this wonderful world of ours. Often when I see a photo opportunity, I only wish I had more time to wait for the perfect conditions and light.

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